Hawaii Car Rental Tips

We book a lot of cars in Hawaii. So many people are not aware of the tips we are disclosing. They are not secrets, just factors that will afford you the best value when renting a vehicle in Hawaii.

We actually book cars. We do not write travel article tips for a living. We know Hawaii car rental practices. Lots of expert offer flawed hints that are not applicable in the Hawaiian Islands.

There are a lot of suggestions. Consider each seriously.

Hawaii Tips For Akamai Drivers:

1. Book early. The lowest prices are avaiable early. As it gets closer to your arrival time, the brands with the highest prices are the only companies with cars.

2. Don't rent a wreck. There is a reason old cars are cheap to rent. Are you going risk renting a vehicle you can't trust?

3. Don't rent off airport. In Hawaii most rental cars are a shuttle away from the terminal. Cars located off airport cannot save Hawaii taxes and Hawaii fees, the State is smart enough to include all rental cars in there taxes and fees, therefore not a bargain, just inconvenient.

4.  Use national companies. Need a GPS, car seat, insurance, its available. Should there be a vehicle breakdown or accident, there is someone to contact for assistance. Don't ruin your vacation over a small savings.

5.  National companies, don't negotiate price. The price is firmly set, but you can ask for a free upgrade, its worth asking.

6.  Don't deliberately rent for longer than you need to get a weekly price. Early returns revert to the daily price and can also include an early return penalty.

7.  Bring or buy a cooler. Add water and snacks to your cooler. This is the tropics, people dehydrate.

8. Rental car insurance - many credit cards include car rental insurance coverage. Many personal auto policies include rental car coverage. Note if your personal insurance policy has a deductible its probably going to apply to a rental car as well.

9.  Take pictures of the rental car! If there is any doubt about a ding, a dent or a scratch your photos can save you from having an issue upon return.

10.  Get gasoline before you return the vehicle. Gas is always cheaper at the service stations. Top off the tank and you will not be charged for gasoline consumed. Cars are dispatched with a full tank.

11.  Keep the vehicle reasonably clean. There is an expectation that some sand and dirt will be found on return. Vehicles trashed are subject to cleaning fees.

12.  DO NOT allow anyone that is not on the rental agreement to drive your car. The consequences are serious if an accident occurs.

13.  No Smoking - smoking is not permitted in rental cars. They are all non-smoking cars. There is a cleaning fee. Non-smokers can smell a cigarette immediately. Don't risk paying for the vehicle to be detailed.