Molokai Car Rentals - MKK Airport Hoolehua

Molokai Airport MKK Car Rental
Molokai Airport MKK Car Rental

We offer the best car rental rates on Molokai at MKK Airport terminal. The Island of Molokai Airport is located in Hoolehua, Hawaii.

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Molokai Car Rentals helps you explore Molokai.

The Molokai ferry cruises was suspended. Travel to Molokai is only available by air.

Once you've arrived on Molokai you'll want to enjoy as much of the island as possible. The best choice for exploring on your own is through car rental. Molokai offers some of the best opportunities to experience Hawaii "like it used to be." Much of the island's natural beauty remains untouched by development and much of the culture is still rooted in native Hawaiian tradition.

While you're here, make sure to drive over to Papohaku Beach. Measuring over 3 miles long, it's one of Hawaii's longest white sand beaches. In fact, this beach has such a vast expanse of soft, white sand that some of it was transported to Waikiki beach to help develop that region for tourism many years ago. But don't let that worry you. Papohaku Beach remains as big and inviting as ever, including car-camping campsite facilities, picnic grounds, restrooms, and indoor (and outdoor) showers.

For many visitors, driving to Kalaupapa National Historic Park is the classic Molokai experience. Riding a mule might seem a bit curious at first, until you realize you're riding along trails that are literally on the edge of some of the tallest sea-cliffs in the world. Once you see the expansive views along the nearly 3 miles of trails, much of the journey becomes absolutely breath-taking. Once you're done you'll be glad to sink back into the comfortable seats of your Molokai car rental.

Come join us for a classic Hawaiian experience. And if you're traveling by ferry you're best choice is Molokai Car Rentals - Molokai Car Rentals for shuttle service at the ferry dock and ready to support your exploring.