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Hawaii car rental companies basically have 3 rate periods. The periods are the value season or low season rates, normal season and high season or holiday season rates.

The three tables below include the latest rates. Book early for the best prices.

Car rental rates were actually paper tables in the past. Now it requires a computer search to find the  availability and prices. 

Car Rentals Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island.

  • Value Season
  • Normal Season
  • High Season
Value Season

Value season is the most economical period. This calendar period offers the lowest possible rates. Some random periods can occasionally be as competitive or better. Therefore we encourage you to contact us or submit a request. Get a booking and you can cancel if there is a better price.

We are very sorry that we cannot post the rate charts. The national brand car rental companies do not let us post their rates. The huge travel conglomerate companies influence their decision. You can guess why.

Book early. The selection of vehicles and prices are lowest in advance. As you approach arrival, generally the only highest priced companies have availability. You can always book and cancel if there is a lower price. However, once the lowest price is reserved, you'll miss that opportunity to get an awesome value.

Normal Season
High Season
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