Hawaii Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a passport to travel to Hawaii?

No passport is required to visit Hawaii if you are a US Citizen or a US legal resident. The State of Hawaii is the 50th US State, as such, you won't need to bring your passport unless you're visiting from outside the United States or traveling to another country after Hawaii. US citizens are going to need a government issued photo id. Adult passengers 18 and over must show valid identification at the airport checkpoint in order to travel.

The TSA, Transportation Security Administration does not require children under 18 to provide identification when traveling with a companion within the United States.

Per the TSA, Canadians arriving in Hawaii by air,  when arriving in Hawaii by air, all Canadian citizens (including children) are required to produce a passport or NEXUS card, valid for the duration of their stay. NEXUS is a joint Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection operated Trusted Traveler and expedited border control program designed for pre-approved, low-risk travelers.

Currency is the US dollar.

How much does gasoline cost in Hawaii?

The best answer for this question is go to . Prices vary by island and locations on each island.

Puzzled about car rental young driver fees in Hawaii?

The major car rental companies in Hawaii charge for young drivers. That is drivers age 21-24. Drivers must be 21 years of age or older. They also charge for extra drivers, like a spouse. We cannot totally avoid a Young Driver Fee. It is $10/day.

Car Rental Period?

When determining your car rental bill be aware of the "24 hour clock rate" most rental car companies use when charging you. This means if you rent your car on Wednesday and return it on Thursday, you are charged for one day only if you return it within 24 hrs. You are usually charged for 2 days if you return it more than 27-28 hrs after picking the car up. The policy for most companies is that an hourly rate is charged for the first 3-4 hrs after 24 hrs. Returning the car after the hourly rate period means a whole extra day is usually charged. Be aware that this procedure can vary from company to company and that some companies use a calendar day billing policy wherein you have until midnight to return your car before being billed for a full extra day.

Can I drive between Islands?

The are no vehicle ferries between the Islands, sorry.

Your privacy is guaranteed!

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We only request the information needed to process your car rental reservation. We do not share your information with any outside parties other than the car rental company we are arranging your booking with. No credit information is accepted. All Credit information is given at the location on pickup. Your reservation is guaranteed! We will make your reservation with one of the "8 Big Names" of the national rental companies. Once confirmed your vehicle choice and rate are locked in and will not change.

Your vehicle!

All rentals will be current models with air conditioning and automatic transmissions. Unlimited miles are included.

What is

We are contracted booking agents for many major national car rental companies. We will find you the best discount rate tailored to your rental requirements. Our official State of Hawaii registered company name is Hawaii Car Rental. The Hawaii Business Registration Division is a division of the Department of Consumer Affairs, a Government agency of the State of Hawaii. Hawaii Car Rental Business Registration.

What do I need to bring along when I pick my vehicle up?

You will need your valid driver's license and a credit or debit card in your name. For more information on accepted Credit/Debit cards please refer to the company's terms & conditions page. The rental companies have different card and credit policies.

Please confirm that my reservation is guaranteed without a deposit.

Yes no credit information is taken till you pickup at the location.

Can I use any debit card?

Debit cards are NOT accepted from same City/Island Renters or 21-24 ages and for 12-15 pass vans. Debit Cards accepted only for ages 25 and over and you must have a return plane/cruise ticket. Debit cards must have either the Visa or MasterCard logo on them and are subject to a credit check. We suggest contacting the rent-a-car company directly for specific requirements.

What is your cancellation policy? Cancel at any time without penalty. You may cancel by return email. Thank you for the courtesy.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be 21 or older when you pickup. Some companies have a higher minimum age; 25 or older. We offer a daily young driver fee as low as $10 per day. Others charge a Daily Young Driver fee of $20-$35/day plus taxes.

What do I need to do to add my spouse as a extra driver?

Additional drivers are added at the counter on pickup. Some companies charge extra, some don't. We will always take your extra drivers into account when searching for your lowest rate and will book you at the rate that works out to the lowest total.

Do I need an international driver's license to rent a vehicle?

You will need to present your regular license. The international license is only for translation purposes and is not required.

What are the regulations regarding the use of a child restraint devices in Hawaii?

3 yrs. and younger in a child safety seat; 4 yrs. through 7 yrs. must be in a booster seat or child restraint (effective 1/1/07) 4 through 7 yrs. who are taller than 4'9"; 4 through 7 yrs. who are at least 40 lbs seated in a rear seat where if there are no available lap/shoulder belts, may be restrained by a lap belt (effective 1/1/07).

How old are vehicles?

All rentals will be current models with air conditioning and automatic transmissions. Unlimited miles are included.

I need a car for 6 days.

Should I reserve it for a week seeing that the weekly rate is less? No only make your reservation for the amount of time you will need the vehicle for. After 5/6 days the weekly rate applies anyway.

I'm island hopping for a week in Hawaii. Can I get the weekly rate for my rentals?

Sorry our contracts don't allow us to combine rentals from different locations. Each rental requires a separate reservation.

Do you have child safety seats?

The child safety seat offered is forward facing, up to 40 lbs, available at the counter as an optional service at an additional cost between $11/day - $13/day. The maximum charged is generally $60-$75. Generally the rental companies do not offer a booster seat as Hawaii regulations are that only a standard seatbelt is required for children over 40 lbs or 4 years of age.

Why aren't the taxes and any additional fees (government fees or taxes) included in the posted rates?

We post the Basic Rates common to all locations. Taxes can vary by location and certain taxes are location specific and therefore cannot be included. Base Rates are subject to the applicable Hawaii State General Excise tax (4.166%), the Vehicle Licensing fee, the applicable Airport Concession Recovery Fee and the Hawaii Highway Revenue surcharge (currently $3 per day). To obtain an approximate total rental cost add $3/day for the road tax and multiply this subtotal by 11% for taxes charged. Then add the tax to the previous subtotal. Rates may be subject to blackout periods.

Are there any hidden charges? No there are no hidden charges. All mandatory charges are on your confirmation notice.

Can I drive with my international driver license?

The individual must have a foreign license along with their international permit to drive and a valid passport to show admission date. The license is valid one year upon entry to U.S. The country must be listed as a result of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic (Geneva, 1949), and the Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American States.

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