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Lanai Hotels

Visitors to the Island of Lanai will find two of the very best hotels in all of Hawaii.  The Manele Bay Hotel and Lodge at Koele are both Four Season Hotels. Lanai is a beautiful place to stay, but does not have a huge selection of lodging. It is also probably not the Island for those of a tight budget.

The two Four Season hotels are owned by Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison. Larry Ellison also owns nearly all the land on the entire Island.

Lanai Hotels Map
Lanai Hotels Map

Manele Bay Hotel Address: 1 Manele Bay Rd, Lanai City, HI 96763. Luxury Four Seasons hotel set atop a lava cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This 200+ room luxury hotel is a 2-minute walk from Hulopoe Beach and 10 miles from Lanai City.

Manele Bay Hotel Address: 1 Keomuku Hwy, Lanai City, HI 96763. This luxury Four Seasons resort hotel with golf course is 7 minutes' walk from the Orchid House and Gardens greenhouse, and 0.9 miles from the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center.