Hawaii Superferry - Honolulu to Maui - Maui to Honolulu

Hawaii Superferry
Hawaii Superferry

The Hawaii Superferry service has suspended service at this time. There are no plans to resume service. When the Superferry was in service it went from Kahului Harbor, Maui Island to Honolulu Harbor on the Island of Oahu.

The Superferry transported car and passengers.

The ferry from Honolulu to Maui was a good idea. However, the channel, the weather and the cost to operate the ferry was unfavorable.

Perhaps we'll have inter-island ferry service someday again. The competition from airlines makes it very hard to compete on price or time to travel. Hawaii politicians are constantly trying to resurrect the ferry service using State funds. Private companies subsidized by State funds wasn't enough to make this transportation viable.

The distance from Honolulu, Island of Oahu to Kahului, Island of Maui is about 300 miles. The trip is estimated to take 4 hours by Superferry. An inter-island flight is approximately 35-40 minutes. Of course, you can't take your car by air.

It was intended to carry 000 passengers and their vehicles.

RIP April 6, 2009.

Hawaii still has a ferry service from Maui to Lanai. This ferry is for passengers only.

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