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Hawaii compact car rentals are generally 4 doors and 5 passengers. Adequate space for all exploring on the Islands. Four doors is a benefit for those with 3 or more passengers. Four doors is a real bonus if you are traveling with children that require child safety seats.

A compact offers the economy of a small vehicle with the convenience of some additional space and 4 doors. Parking is a snap with a compact car. The rates are just a bit more than an economy car.

Hawaii rental compact cars: Nissan Versa, Ford Focus, Kia Forte or perhaps even a Toyota Pruis Hybrid. Hybrid or EVO are only just appearing as a rental car choice in Hawaii. We are noticing them at Honolulu HNL Airport.

Like an economy car, a compact is going to be a challenge for tall travelers, 5 passengers or lots of luggage. Consider a mid-size car if you have a space or height concerns.

Compact cars are a bit larger than economy cars and a bit small than a mid-size or intermediate size car. The biggest differentiator for a compact car is that it is 4 doors. Economy or sub-compacts are usually 2 doors.

Whatever size you choose, it will transport you everywhere on the Islands.

A compact car is a great choice if you want the rental price economy, fuel economy, ease of driving and definite ease of parking.

We recommend visitors check the rates for all the cars selections. We display cars from lowest prices to highest price. The cheapest price is always at the top of the search. However, the difference in the price of one cars versus another is sometimes very small. The difference may be as small as one dollar for a larger vehicle. Select carefully to get the best value. A check specials offers on the search screen for availability of cars you might want to try based on the excellent price.

Hawaii Compact Rental Car

Hawaii Compact Rental Car
Hawaii Compact Rental Car

Hawaii Compact Hire All Islands
  • 5 Passengers, 4 Doors
  • 2 Large Suitcase
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Air Conditioning, Dual Airbags
  • ABS
  • AM/FM Radio & CD

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