Discount Hawaii Car Rental Insurance - Rental Car Insurance

Car rentals in Hawaii do not include insurance coverage. Insurance is not mandatory. The optional coverage can be very expensive. Be aware of the alternatives.

Insurance coverage is optional.

You can decline the auto rental companies insurance. You may have a free option. Our suggestions for having affordable insurance, free or to avoid duplicate coverage include:

1. Some United States automobile insurance policies include coverage for rental cars. If you have car insurance, the type of coverage you bought, along with its deductibles, usually applies to rental cars as well. Please keep in mind that if you have a deductible on your auto insurance, it will also apply to the car rental. CHECK with your auto insurer to determine if you are covered!

2. Credit Card Car Rental Coverage - many credit card companies offer rental car insurance benefits for free if you charge the cost of the rental on your credit card. Credit card car rental insurance may suffice. It is very important to understand what the credit card companies covers and is responsible for. The coverage may be adequate or not. CHECK with credit card company to determine if you are covered!

Hawaii Car Rental Insurance Company Insurance Coverage

Again, car rentals in Hawaii DO NOT come with any insurance coverage. It is the renters choice to protect themselves from liability.

If you do not have an automobile insurance coverage or credit card insurance coverage seriously consider purchasing some.

Insurance options include:

Collision Damage Waiver CDW - coverage if the rental is stolen, vandalized or if you damage it.

Deductible Protection - aka Zero Deductible Coverage, can only be purchased in conjunction with CDW coverage to reduce the CDW deductible to zero regardless of whether the damage is caused by the renter or a third party.

There are additional insurance options. We suggest that if you are concerned about liability it is best to check at the rental counter for a description of the availability and benefits of the protection offered.

Important Note: For those people visiting from the UK, EU, AU and NZ we offer all exclusive rates. The All Inclusive rates include insurance. All Inclusive rates are not available to renters from the United States or Canada. 

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