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Big Island of Hawaii Hotels
Big Island of Hawaii Hotels

The Big Island of Hawaii is actually Hawaii Island. This Island is also Hawaii County.

There are two airports on Hawaii Island. The more popular airport is Kailua Kona, usually just called Kona Airport KOA. The other airport is Hilo Airport ITO.

Choosing a place to stay is helped by the large selection of accommodations. It is also a challenge to decide what the best location for your itinerary is best. With so many points of interest, plan a bit ahead to enjoy the visit.

The Big Island has a wide range of prices, climate and attractions. Consider your agenda and activity level so you get the best possible experience. Lodging can be very reasonable or very luxurious. Your budget is not a problem at either end of the scale. The luxury resort tend to be in the Waikoloa area, whereas the more economical are in the north part of the Island and Hilo side. Weather is also a bit like the economics. If you prefer a sunny beach front, head toward Waikoloa. For a cooler and wetter experience we'd suggest north and east. I good indicator of climate on the Big Island is how green the terrain is. Activities also come in a range range of choice. The most popular visitor attraction is the Volcano National Park. You can easily spend a whole day exploring the park. Keep in mind that there are lots more things to do. Again plan a bit.