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Our advantage for you is that we reside in Hawaii, discount eight national car rental companies and offer Aloha service. We're in Hawaii with the best vehicle prices. We know that you need the low price, but still require a local travel agents intimate knowledge of the Islands. Trust our friendly customer service team to assist you in getting price, service and peace of mind - not just a car. Recommended: Fill in the form below and let our team find you the very best lowest price. We will either make you a reservation or email you a quote only. Note: quotes are subject to change until actually reserved. If you want to be sure and lock in a rate now use the automated do it yourself system on the left. The rates change often and this is out of our control. 

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At Discount Hawaii Car Rental we help visitors get economical transportation! Enjoy affordable wheels on Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, Kona, Hilo and Molokai with a vehicle to tour the Islands!

Save on hiring a car in the Aloha State. Call us now for an awesome discount. Rates too low to automate! You won't regret calling. Toll free: 1-866-344-7612.

If you are planning to go to Hawaii for a vacation and you want to know if there is any way you can explore the Islands driving a car without spending too much. Is that possible?

We are here to make it possible for you. Our team helps secure huge discount savings on your auto rental needs by providing you a low rate travel service that matches your requirements.

Get the best price and do not sacrifice service or security you deserve.

We specialize in State of Hawaii transportation. We reside, work and play here. Hiring transportation for visitors is our profession. Contact our specialist team members to feel the Aloha. We work to get you the best price available! It's all about YOU.

We want to emphasize that we do this in just three easy steps. First, we ask you to enter the vehicle you require then we perform our search. And, we also compare the availability and prices results from Hawaii auto rental company websites. For the last step, we show you the lowest vehicle rates for you to choose from. After that, you can make your reservations! Want to take these three easy steps now?  CHECK RATES.

We are the Official registered business Hawaii Car Rental® in the State of Hawaii.

Call 1-808-633-4290 for more information or search reservations for rates and availability. Book early for the best rates. You can book through 2016! Act now because the lowest rates always book first. Reserve now and receive the best bargain rates now.

Take Advantage of the Great Bargain Hawaiian Island Vehicle Hire by Making Your Reservations Now!

Looking for low rate rental automobiles while making the most of your vacation in the Islands? With the many companies and autos offered for rent, it may take a while before you can find the exact economy rate car rental you’re after. Fortunately, we can now offer you the easiest means of getting discount Hawaii car rental today.

Our team from Discount Hawaii Car Rental can help you find the vehicle you are most in need of. Not only that, we can get you the best value available as well. Whether you are looking for a Jeep, convertible, minivan or economic-type of vehicle, you only need to indicate it on our booking form. Then, we will perform our search and show you the best vehicle rates we've found.

There are simply a lot of benefits from the great savings on our service. Book now!