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Visiting the Hawaiian Islands? Get the BEST deal available on transportation from eight major national car rental companies at discount prices. Vehicles available on all the Hawaiian Islands. All vehicles are conveniently reserved online. See availability, rates and taxes before you book. Get an immediate guaranteed confirmation.

We are residents of Maui, we live on Maui, work in Kahului and lucky to live Hawai'i. At Hawaii Car Rental ® its our pleasure to help visitors get the best car hire for their enjoyment.

Call 1-866-344-7612 for more information or search for Rates and Availability. Book early for the best rates. You car book through 2016!



  • Guaranteed Reservations
  • Unlimited Miles
  • Free Extra Driver
  • Low Young Driver Fee
  • Cancel Anytime. No Cancellation Penalty
  • No Deposit
  • No Booking Fees
  • No Credit Card Required Until Pickup



  • Advantage
  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • Thrifty

  • PRICE : Best discounted available.

  • EASY TO RESERVE - Immediate Confirmation. 
  • NATIONAL BRANDS : Current model vehicles. 
  • LOCATIONS in HAWAI'I : All Airports, Cruise Passenger Harbor and some hotels. 
  • HAWAIIAN ISLANDS: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawai'i Island and Molokai
  • VEHICLES : 12 categories, from economy to large passenger vans or pickup truck. 
  • MOST POPULAR Transportation: Jeep Wrangler, Mustang Convertible and 7 passenger minivan.
  • MOST ECONOMICAL: Economy or Compact. Economy cars are typically 2 doors and 4 passengers. Consider the luggage as well as passengers when choosing, children with car seats, passenger comfort and passenger height/weight.
Hawaii Major National Car Hire Companies
Hawaii Major National Car Hire Companies

We do not require a credit card or drivers license until you pickup the car. Insurance is optional. 

Economical Vehicle Hire to Make the Most of Your Hawaiian Vacation

Are you planning to spend your vacation time on some of the beautiful islands on Hawaii? If you answered “yes” then you should realize that hiring a vehicle to complement your transportation needs is very important. Touring the Aloha state is amazing. So, if you want to acquire a more affordable vehicle, we can help you with that.

With Hawaii Car Rentals, you can surely make the most of your vacation in Hawaii with the best vehicles to take you to different places of your vacation destination. We help you book your preferred car for any type or any number of passengers you might have along with you. Owned locally in Kahului, Maui, Hawai'i, Hawaii Car Rental connects you with the different top car rental companies without spending too much!

Check our low prices today and see what we’ve got for you!

For the thrifty traveler you're in the right place and we can assist you in making the best choice. Enjoy great economical rates and a national brand that is perfect for sensible vacationers. Tour Hawaii in the most prudent transportation available!

Reasonable Auto Rentals – Letting You Enjoy Your Hawaiian Vacation!

Hey there vacationer! If you are an enthusiastic and adventurous vacationer, you probably know how exciting it could be to spend some time in the splendid islands of Hawaii.

Considered as a paradise by most vacationers, the Aloha state has a lot to offer when it comes to helping you ease yourself from stresses and strains that are commonly brought to you by life. It is worth including this place in your choices of vacation destinations, but it will be more worthwhile if you will avail yourself with a discount car rental from a booking company like us.

At Hawaii Car Rental, we aim to help you enjoy the most of your vacation time by giving you the most reliable car hire available. We book automobiles basically to people who are vacationing or honeymooning in Hawai'i, often visiting from Western Canada, including British Columbia or the Western United States, such as California, Oregon and Washington.

Make your reservation today!

 Hawaiian  IslandOpen 7 Days A Week  Open All Holidays
 OahuHonolulu Airport HNL 5 AM - 1 AM
 MauiKahului Airport OGG 5 AM - 11 PM
 MauiKapalua Airport JHM 7 AM - 5 PM
 MolokaiMolokai Airport MKK 6 AM - 8 PM
 Hawaii IslandKailua Kona Airport KOA 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM
 Hawaii IslandHilo Airport ITO 5:30 AM - 9:00 PM
 KauaiLihue Airport LIH  5:45 AM - 10:45 PM

No Credit Car or Drivers License Required. Pay at Pick-Up.

7 Tips When Renting a Car in Hawaii That You HAVE To Know About! 

Lanikai Beach. ʻIolani Palace. Diamond Head. Ah, it can only be Hawaii! With its year-round sunny climate and picturesque landscapes, the 50th state attracts visitors from all around the world who are looking for sea, sun, and lots of fun. On any of the islands, a rental car is the best option for seeing all the sights and exploring the state's natural beauty. However, with so many services and vehicles on offer, it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, we're here to help you! By the end of this article, you're going to find out the cheapest way to hire a car in Hawaii, as well as plenty of money-saving tips...

1. Choosing the right vehicle

4x4? SUV? Family vehicle? The type of car that you hire will usually depend on your budget and what you need it for. For example, you might have been told that you need a 4x4 to navigate the rocky roads on Hawaii. However, this isn't necessarily true. Hawaii's roads are easy to drive across regardless of your vehicle, and the only place you will really need a 4x4 is when trying to reach the summit of Mauna Kea - which is situated on Hawaii's Big Island. You could save a great deal of money just by renting a 'normal' car. 

2. Book in advance

Try and book your rental car before you get to Hawaii, as rates can increase due to demand from other travelers. It's always a good idea to get a full quote several weeks - or even months - in advance to guarantee the best prices. A little planning ahead could help you save a great deal of money! Another tip: renting your car for a longer period of time could also save you more money in the long run. Look out for five-day or week-long packages when hiring a vehicle.

3. Choosing how to refuel the vehicle

When renting a car in Hawaii, you will often be given several options on how to refuel the car. For example, you can choose to prepay for gas - allowing you to return the car with any amount of fuel in the tank. This can sometimes work out cheaper - definitely something to think about. When choosing the prepay option, you will be charged for a full tank of gas when you hire the car, which can be cheaper than buying gas elsewhere on the island. However, you will not be reimbursed for any fuel that remains on your car when you return it to the agency. This option is great for travelers who don't want the hassle of having to refuel their vehicle on the way back to the agency or those who think they will be using a full tank of gas during their travels. Alternatively, you can refuel the vehicle at gas stations at the 'going rate' or return the car after you're done and let the agency refuel it for you. Refueling the vehicle yourself will allow you to pay for what you use during your stay in Hawaii - a good option if you are planning to do a lot of driving.

4. Paying for the car

Some rental agencies will allow you to pay by cash, but most won't accept cash until you return the car. Paying by credit card is by far the most popular option. 

5. Sorting out insurance

Hawaii car rental agencies will often try and sell you insurance, so it's imperative that you get the best deals. You might want to check with your insurance provider to see if you are already covered before you take out additional insurance with an agency. Alternatively, check with the credit card company that you will be paying for the hire vehicle with. They will often provide you with insurance protection as a cardholder - although it's important to find out what the limits are on this policy. When traveling off-road, your insurance will become void as your policy will only cover you as per the rental agreement. Remember - rental agencies will not let you travel off-road. It's also important to note that you should act quickly if your rental car breaks down on your travels. You will be provided with a phone number when you take out the car; your expenses might not be covered if you fail to call the agency in the event of an emergency. You can then call your insurance company after you have contacted the rental agency.

6. Know the law

In Hawaii, you will need to pay an additional fee if you are under 25 and want to hire a car. The fee can be as much as $35 a day - which can take a significant chunk out of your budget. Always check ahead for the best prices if you are under the age of 25 - you don't want to be shocked when you arrive on one of the islands!

7. Upgrading or downgrading

You might arrive in Hawaii to find that the car model you initially reserved is no longer available, or you might decide that the vehicle isn't right for you. In this instance, you can upgrade or downgrade. The rental agency might provide you with a higher spec car for the price you originally paid. Regardless of the vehicle you are given, make sure you feel comfortable driving it before you leave the agency.


Looking for car hire in Hawaii? You've come to the right place. Here at Hawaii Car Rental Discount, we specialize in the best rental rates on major international brands, and you could save up to 70% on current models. We have rental agencies located throughout Hawaii, including South Maui, Kahului Airport OGG, and Kahului Cruise Ship Harbor. Our vehicles offer automatic transmissions, air conditioning, and competitive prices - perfect for travelers to Hawaii. Here at Hawaii Car Rental, we are proud of the excellent customer service we provide. There are NO booking fees, NO deposit, and guaranteed reservations. You can cancel any time and can even reduce the young driver's fee. So what are you waiting for? Call our discount Hawaii car rental service today and speak to a friendly member of staff for more information. Call: 1-866-344-7612